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AUXPRO: We're taking care!


Auxpro is a company that addresses the institutions and their customers. All people need specialists so they can increase the quality of their work and perform better their activities. We are here to resource companies with the right people, to offer support for them to make their job easier. We analyze your requests and we come up with solutions, we take care that you have the means to make the customers happy.


We are making a very thorough selection to make sure you have the best care possible!


We take care that everything is according to the law, taking all measures and covering all responsibilities for the personnel and the well−being of all parts involved.


We have the dream to see people happy, to have a community where everybody has a place to be proud of, where people have profound understanding for one another, and respect the importance of everybody's place and work. Our values and vision, expressed in out next pages, sketch the painting we are working on..


The team
Andreea PASCURaluca SCURTUFlorentina LAZAROther Collaborators




AuxPro is committed to bridge the demand and request, supplying your company with the right (pre-selected) qualified personnel.


Selection of the right personnel is being made by collecting CVs, preselecting people to meet requirements, diplomas and certification, interviews & tests, personnel national history investigation (education institutions, previous employers and government check).

Check for our available care personnel at office@auxpro.de or subscribe for our newsletter & datatbase.





Behind ‘AuxPro’ there is a team of qualified people in areas of: medical support, management, consultancy & legal. All team members of AuxPro have the qualification and selection as well as legal support and EU PROJECTS.