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AuxPro is offering assistance for the companies – supplying them in delivering 24h care for the people in need: special necessities, eldery people, house maintenance, children care and other related areas.

AuxPro is committed to bridge the demand and request, supplying your company with the right (pre-selected) qualified personnel. Selection of the right personnel is being made by collecting CVs, preselecting people to meet requirements, diplomas and certification, interviews & tests, personnel national history investigation (education institutions, previous employers and government check).

Our services are extremly personalised!



|Company Services|

|Services Catalogue|
• Helping the people in their daily activities within their household and outside (cleaning & maintenance of the house; | help for household activities; purchasing and/or preparing food, cooking; | personal care; |  logistical support, as moving objects and maintaining them, ironing, washing, sorting; gardening (on demand); making and keeping the schedule; | strolling; doctor visits and others; | games and recreational activities, | taking care of their safety; | spending time together, keeping company);

• Babysitting (babies and small children);

• Helping (elderly) people with minor movement difficulties; 

• Helping (elderly) people with special needs;

• Helping people with health issues (nurses with basic or advanced specific education).