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Word from the management:


"We trust we offer another kind of service because of the extra benefits, the extra care. One of the most important aspects in this branch is the mental help.

Not only physical help is needed. As you grow older, your physical power is decreasing, therefore your mental power is heavily used: to balance your power lacks and to fight with the thought you are not the same, you are in need and maybe dependent. This is the hardest part for anybody. 

Actually, we all are dependent; we all need some kind of help, no matter how young or timeworn. We need to understand it and look at it in a different way. It does not mean we give up our power of decision, we will always decide who we ask for help and how long we need it. It’s just taking advantage of the options!

Therefore, additional to our services, we want to help people focus on their skills and hobbies, to enhance their passions, rather than concentrating on their difficulties. We take care of problems! We want to help the elderly remember they can enjoy life and also help the family remember to enjoy their parents."


We are here to solve problems and place the right educated people were they are requested!


|What we do for the people|

- Increase life quality

- Grow people’s independence

- Remain in their house

- Improved comfort & peace of mind

|We help with|

- Maintain the household

- Avoid accidents

- That nobody has to live alone

- The family can go back to sleep

- The family can leave for normal holidays again

- To have more free & relaxing time

- To have the conscience free from worries and insecurities



Romania is part of Europe Union, therefore the standards in essential areas like care and medical  are on the same level as Germany. We can offer solutions for all kind of request, normal care of advanced personal care and assistance for psychological or physical difficulties such as Dementia, Alzheimer, and others.



The company was born while frequently encountering some factors: 

1. the big demand in Europe and especially Germany in the area of elderly helping, housekeeping

assistants, medical support and nurses;

2. the difficulty in filling the demand by local labor resources;

3. the growing elderly population in Germany;

4. the trends of present and future years of bringing East European workers to fill in the missing gaps; 

5. the priority of Europe Union to educate and include all countries into a close community, expecting as


using the best resources without limits of countries, time or education,

making the market more competitive and lower the prices for the user,

creating a bigger selection market, where needs can be fulfilled quicker.


Why Germany?

1. The demand in Germany is very high. 

2. German workers, as well as any nation within their territory, will not leave their own house in order to live under another roof. The Romanians still have the motivation to work in a well-known, organized, powerful, perfectionist country.

3. Germany is a respected country with good quality standards, objective and secure; a place where the people, the values of safety and honesty are respected. A place where people are seen and recompensed for the quality of their work, on an economical basis but also on a personal level. 


Why from Romania?

1. We have a lot of qualified Romanians that would like to work abroad and are decided to work hard and prove their skills. 

the education system in medicine and care related fields is very good, there are many foreigners coming to learn in Romanian University of Medicine;

the people have a natural, educated & inherited talent to care (as the sickness rate in middle & low ec. level countries grows), they like to help, bringing them a big personal satisfaction;

in 2012 a lot of government-supported hospitals were closed, a lot of overflowing nurses had to re-qualify for other jobs or decided to work abroad (Austria, Italy, Spain, Israel, etc.);

2. Romania is a member of the EU obliged to respect European Legislation.

3. Romania still has room to improve its infrastructure and public policies strategy, having a big potential to grow and the important characteristic to be shaped to fit the needs. We understand the necessity of being flexible is mandatory. We have the need to understand what we can do and how to do it best.


The selection is made thoroughly, we take all measures to be certain of selecting the best personnel to share our vision and fit the demands. Our procedure includes: customer & candidate profiling, pre-selection, interview, tests, interview, personal documents & diplomas check; Police records; Medical check. We take also care of the psychological and personal aspects to fit the employee exactly to requirements. 

Because “high level of quality standards” is one of our mottos, we make sure the person that offers services fits 100%. 

Furthermore, we take care of all maintenance and contact to the employees, having 24h helpline in native language, so you can have contact with only one person at your disposal, when requested.


We are the best option, safer than freelancers, because we can check and supervise the people (with inland inside legislation, in collaboration with institutions for education) so they meet exactly your requirements (Government approvals, education Centers and work history). Member of European Union, but not highly promoted until now, Romania has a lot of secure dedicated, hardworking, educated people, so we are fully devoted to offering serious and long-lasting services and the exact right personnel.


 To view the official certificate issued by ONRC (National Registry of Commerce Office - Ministry of Justice), open this file.