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Extra Benefits



Why we consider ourselves different? Our main motivation is increasing people’s satisfaction in life, therefore a better life for every part, an all-parts satisfaction guarantee situation! 

We are there to help: starting with the elderly in need, children and families under pressure, due to lack of time and difficulty in assuring proper care for their family members (children, elderly or special needs people) and arriving to our direct customer, German companies lacking safe trained personnel.


Not to overlook, we are also there to help worthy employees, European Community citizens, who lack the financial resources to enable them to enhance the standards and quality of their work. We take constant care of the companies, the families and our employees, so therefore THE people!


We think with our heads, act with our skills and hear with our hearts!

MOTTO     “ we' re taking care ! ”
Essential for our company is keeping a high level of quality standards !





 What can you count on?



♦ Reliable



AUXPRO is a reliable, trustworthy partner who understands the well-being of the others is the well-being of itself, caring about the interest of its customers exactly as its own;


♦ Safe



Systematically checked staff (police and medical checks, application record authenticity, verification from previous employers, training centers, home, etc.);


♦ Empathic and flexible


understanding the market is constantly changing and the people’s needs are different and continuously transforming;


♦ Serious


thorough research and documentation of the EU legislation, Germany and Romania in the field of labor, social security and healthcare;


♦ Up to date



Market research and understanding of its needs; necessities of the customers, families and companies for a sustainable performance and development of services;


♦ Romanian and


Management team 



Experience in projects – specialization: Project Management and Education, team leading, medical field work with Departments of the Government, education and health systems, development of other successful projects;

as result, good knowledge of the particularities of different cultures and countries cooperating systems, European legislation and requirements of member countries;


♦ Inciting offer



The best price for qualified, serious and secure employees from Romania; Guarantee as a certified company collaborating with institutions or nonprofit organizations for education;


♦ Cooperation


with other entities and German Companies, ability to check the company as a legal entity within the EU;


♦ Easy and operative


most of the work can be done remotely through the internet; 

♦ Easy maintenance

 this is also the responsibility of the service provider, the company keeps weekly contact with its employees, coming up with solutions and proposals from services improvement and customer satisfaction.