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All information we deal with is highly confidential and will not be shown to third parties without the prior explicit approval. The data is only used for the purposes of providing requested services, being subject to regulations and laws regarding personal privacy and legislation related to property information. No other party is allowed to use the information for other purposes. All the above details presented in the site or other materials are property of Auxpro and will also not be used without approval, for other purposes then Auxpro’s services. 


The company is due to respect the legislation in the origin country, as well as European regulation. Nevertheless, we respect also the legislation of the countries where we have parteners. Therefore the request of certified nurse & special practice recognized in the specific country we are requested differs. The recognition of qualifications in Germany and the practice has special regulations and procedures, therefore the nurses, when offering 24h care, even when qualified, will not be allowed to administrate medication or act as an alowed medical personnel, without a full nurse present, prior to official approvals and obeisance of the law. This however does not imply not hiring specialized personnel with education in medical field.


Our employees pay all the taxes and are completely health and social insured. When the people travel abroad, warranty is provided by the European A1 form.


Further detailed information in the FAQ section. For specific requieries, please contact us below and we will get back to you.



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