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Other Services

The name AUXPRO comes from trying to describe ourselves: AUXiliary PROfessionals. We offer professionals; we select the best staff and help them to enhance their natural skills and profession. We push and help our employees be the best, organize trainings and we support personal development and growth. 

We offer you our information so you can use it to make the best of your job. We guide you when you need it and we support your activities.

We also cover areas such as:
Consultancy for business development in Romania,
Market entry & business strategy consultancy, 
Business implementation (feasibility and market/options evaluation, pricing and contracts
Auxpro’s “Best-matching-partner screening and evaluation”,
Growth support & administration consultancy (government & legal administration process
Personnel Recruitment (screening, selection, interviews, administration process, Romanian
        personnel data base for EU companies;
Other fields for Staff-related interests: 
Engineering and Software developers,
Fashion (Shop Management, Seller-recruitments, Promoting/PR, Modeling selection),
Agriculture & Winegrowing, 
Food and beverage serving industry,
Material handling specialists,
Processing specialists;
Personal & professional development support and consultancy.