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|Characteristics that make the difference|


What makes the services proficient?


Efficiency – the safety of services is ensured by selecting the people with the right education, responsible and reliable and thoroughly checking their work experience (the staff is obliged to bring all certifications necessary: government and police records, diplomas and recommendations);


High Quality – checking the proper attributes and work history for selecting the best candidates for the desired job;


Safety – verifying the institutions and authenticity of personnel records - as an internal Romanian company; responsibility for the people given under signature to the Romanian government, in accordance with both German and Romanian Government; continuously monitoring the people;


Price – the best price for the best quality, given on the specific requirements needed;  


Easy and simplified procedures – database of job applicants available for the companies to preview, preselecting insured, second online interview, and delivery on requested time;


Up to date – continuously updated database;


Accessibility – easy hrough the internet (database and online real time connection), dedicated person in Germany for easy and fast clarifications & meetings, realizing the logistics and support for both parts;


Long lasting (durability and sustainability) given by:


Increasing the work force in scarce domains in Germany, as care and medical specializations, increasing the life quality of people both in Germany and Romania by intermediating the proper connection between needs and offers;


Keeping the connection with the Romanian labor force, monitoring and assuring they fulfill the requirements;


Connection to schools and hospitals for having the best information and best applicants;


Future European projects and courses for learning German and medical education, life-long learning & improvement, connection to other parties who are dedicated to educate medical personnel trough EU funds projects;


Easy maintenance – contact with a dedicated person for all situations (hired personnel or applicants);


Flexibility (the employees can come for a test period of 1-3 months; conditions will be discussed in accordance to the German care company´s needs and requirements).