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|What do our Partners (customers) or End-Customers say?|


  • Berthold D. aus W15:56 06/11/2014
    Wir kooperieren erst seit kurzem mit Auxpro. Die von Auxpro vorgeschlagene Mitarbeiterin waren eine sehr positive Ɯberraschung. Sie ist freundlich und arbeitet hart. Das macht unser Leben nun sehr viel einfacher.
  • Harl-Heinz K. from S.12:47 17/06/2014
    We are customer of a German 24 Stunden Betreuung Firma and we have a woman from Auxpro in our house. At first I did not understand why to have 2 companies to work with, I just wanted a good-old German responsible one. But then I saw everybody is doing their part, I liked the detailed selection and now.. the nurse is like part of the family.
  • Paula S.17:42 16/06/2014
    We are very pleased with the new collaboration with Auxpro, they are the people that really take care! They understand what we need and so not try to convince otherwise. They spend the time and power to select people, in the end there is nothing for us to refuse on selection!
  • Horst W.10:20 12/06/2014
    We know AUXPRO for some time now and I can personally say they gain more and more of my trust. I believe they do find solutions for every case, and they are professionals. The people they have are skilled and hard workers. My opinion in Romanians changed a lot, and their cooking style is 'lecker'. I was telling my colleagues I will for sure take a Romanian when I am old, from the thanks I hear from our customers!
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