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These are the ethical principles that we respect, that guide us, the inner pillars out our foundation. Understanding these lines is assuring a very good communication with the customer, helping us provide good services and have a high performance.


|Main Company Values|

 • Security & reliance - Trust is an exceptional value, gain with lots of effort, which can be lost in one instant. It is not easy for the families to welcome a new person, a total stranger, into their most sacred and secure place – their home. When thinking about this aspect, one tends to make their problems smaller and believe their life can continue as before. Not a false affirmation, but incomplete. We are not satisfied with ‘ok’; we want to make things ‘perfect’, not letting people add some more heavy stones they can deal with, just taking care of their heavy luggage while they can enjoy the surroundings. We thank the people and companies for having the courage to know us and open their doors. This builds us the strongest motivation not to let them down. For everybody’s safety, we take all necessary measures and severe checks for selection.
Respect – The customers and the families are making it possible: that the people, our employees have best conditions of work and financial security, therefore the customer deserves all the respects. We provide a safe and healthy environment and everybody is treated with esteem. We value the differences in people, backgrounds and cultures, another reason why we are needed. We understand what the parts need and we fit the pieces into the puzzle. Give respect and it comes back to you.
Identity - Families deserve to enjoy the comfort of their house. It is difficult to live together with an ‘unknown’ person, even when a constant part of life is to struggle to accept yourself and to make the others accept and respect who you are. That is the reason why we carefully select the personnel that fits exactly to the requirements, even by 'apparently scary' personality and psychological tests. We want that the person integrates as a part of the house, having similar personality and having the clear thought in their head and heart: they want to make the people’s life easier. We want to offer also the closest friend that is available just when asked or needed.
Integrity - We never sacrifice people for profit, people must receive what they deserve due to skills and work quality, as well as families are due to have their needs fulfilled. Keeping our promise is extremely important for us, as there cannot be improvement and a growing future where trust is missing, where doubt exists, and the delivered services are different then the request.
Constant Improvement – we want to get better and better, until perfection.. The circumstances change, from case to case, or from year to year, therefore we are flexible and education-focused. We continuously search for new and better ways of doing things, creating changes when necessary and continuously improving.